The Koncrete Radio Podcast: Another Mass Shooting, now what?! The Koncrete Radio Podcast

Welcome back to another Episode of The Koncrete Radio Podcast!Throughout the years we've seen the advancement of technology; from walking the streets with huge boomboxes, to streaming your favorite artists from your cell phone. Today, there's a particular form of technology that's rapidly growing: Artificial Intelligence. AI has been growing so rapidly, that the "Godfather" of AI (Geoffery Hinton) has shared his concerns. Join us as we discuss this breakthrough technology and how much of a negative impact it can have on our lives.Also, Mass Shootings are crippling our Nation. Although we're not half way through the year, we've already seen more Mass Shootings, than actual days of the year. Lock in as we unpack the root cause of these Shootings, and what we can do to prevent more tragedies. Intro / Monologue: OG Eaztwood talks about sends condolences to Harry Belafonte and Jerry Springer's family and shared the contributions from both men (Belafonte's contribution to African American culture and Jerry Springer pioneering "ratchet" TV). Timestamps: 13:42 – The growth of AI: We discuss Artificial Intelligence and the dangers it brings to our society.  Also, tap in to find out which multi-billion dollar corporation will be replacing humans with Artificial Intelligence to save money. 28:32 – Jordan Neely, was a Subway performer who was choked to death on a NYC train by a former Marine as he experienced a Mental Health episode. Should we intervene when a person in distress is causing a disturbance in public? 38:42 – Mass Shootings: The debate of gun control has served as a political talking point for decades. Both parties are struggling to come up with a viable solution to control gun violence and most importantly, Mass Shootings. What will it take for us to get a handle on this epidemic, while maintaining our second amendment rights? Tune in, as we provide some solutions that may protect you and your loved ones. www.thekoncreteradiopodcast.comEmail: ogeaztwood@thekoncreteradiopodcast.comtwitter: OG_EaztwoodInstagram: og_eaztwood
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