Launched in 2003, Koncrete Radio has been at the forefront of Urban Radio. Since its creation, the show’s host, Eaztwood, has implemented innovated ways to stay on top of the College Radio Market. Building close relationships with Label Reps, as well as various Artists and Mixtape DJ’s, securing Music was not a difficult task for Eaztwood. “Every week, I’d make my rounds at these Majors; IDJ (Island Def Jam), Atlantic Records, Interscope, etc. Then when the Indie labels such as Koch and Asylum started bubbling, I built contacts on that level too. The Record Industry is a small circle, so once you have a good relationship with someone, it’s easy for them to link you with another valuable contact; and the cycle goes on” says Eaztwood.

The show has seen great success due to Eaztwood’s commitment to the Urban Culture. Rather than being a “Radio Announcer”, Eaztwood transitioned himself into a visionary with big plans for Koncrete Radio. In 2005, he linked up with Pain and decided to add more personality to the show. During talk breaks, the duo would discuss everything from Entertainment News to Pop-Culture. The pair also filmed segments of the show interviewing artists such as Ron Browz, Street Legends Lance Feurtado of the Infamous Feurtado Brothers and the late Chaz “Slim” Williams. “Innovation was a big thing for me. My goal was to have Koncrete Radio so structured; you would never think this was a College Radio show. We was like a new version of Stretch (Armstrong) and Bobbito, but on a different level. Not only did we focus on playing good music, we also delivered quality content and filmed it; something many College Radio shows wasn’t doing at the time” stated Eaztwood. Eaztwood also wrote sketches and created concepts for the show such as “Battle of the Boroughs” a segment in which an Artist from each Borough would “battle” each other with 2 songs each and the listeners vote for a winner (like today’s Verzuz). “You can kinda credit me for coming up with Verzuz before Swizz and Timbaland” Eaztwood says with a laugh. “But the vision of my segment was a little different than what Verzuz actually is.”

Although Koncrete Radio started on a College Radio frequency, the show eventually streamed on Kingsborough Community College website; As a result, the show reached a wide listening base, propelling the show as one of the most popular shows at the station. After his stint at WKRB, Eaztwood took Koncrete Radio to 99.3 the Joynt; an Internet Radio Station based in Newark, NJ. In two months, Koncrete Radio landed at the 9th spot out of 30 shows. This feat was attributed to the dedication of both Eaztwood and Pain, as they continued to grow their audience; this time including listeners in the UK, France, and Russia.

With the growing popularity of Podcasts, Eaztwood decided to end his hiatus. His passion for Radio and the love of entertaining his audience has rekindled his flame, leading to the relaunch of Koncrete Radio. The self-proclaimed King of Radio is back and is looking to reclaim his crown.

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