The Koncrete Radio Podcast Ep. 32 (The Invasion…But why?!)

Happy New Year (yeah, I’m late)!

After a rough start to the year, OG Eaztwood is back with another installment of The Koncrete Radio Podcast! Here’s what we got for you this week:

Intro / Monologue: We start off with a brief intro as to how 2022 “welcomed” us. Eaztwood talks about how his daughter (Brooklyn) flipped on her beloved LOL dolls for a new affinity with YouTube and a particular YouTuber. Former Police Chief in Fort Lauderdale, Florida was fired for attempting to illegally diversify the Department. 

19:46 – What started off as a sub-genre in Hip Hop is now leading to the destruction of Urban Communities. Drill Music has made its way from the city of Chicago to New York and its impact is responsible for the increase of homicides in New York. Join us as we discuss the origin of Drill, the destruction it caused and what needs to happen in order for the gun violence to stop. 

37:05 – What is free speech? We’ll unpack the controversial statements both Whoopi Goldberg and Joe Rogan made and analyze the response from the public and the “repercussions” both faced. Is this part of our Constitution Racially biased or is it Colorblind? 

51:06 – Russia has invaded Ukraine, but does anyone really know what the beef is about? Join us as we break down the feud in its simplest form and discuss how Russia is doing the same thing a US ally is doing. We’ll also look at both sides and discuss the hardships citizens of each country is facing on a day to day. Finally, it’s said Ukraine has ties to a controversial group the US has on their list of enemies, tune in to find out! 

The Koncrete Radio Podcast: Entertain. Educate. Inform. 

Twitter: OG_Eaztwood 

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