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The Koncrete Radio Podcast Ep. 35: Black Lives, White Lives…do all lives really matter?

Welcome back, family!

I missed you all! After a well needed break, we came back with a bang!

Intro/Monologue: OG breaks down the “Kanye-versy” with Kanye West’s “White Lives Matter” T-shirt. While I personally don’t take offense to the shirt, I see why many Black Americans do. We’ll tell you why people are upset over the shirt, and discuss if Kanye really believes his statement. 

24:08 – On January 1st, 2023, the State of Illinois is rolling out a new law called the Safe-T Act. Critics are calling it “The Purge Law” but, what is it really? Find out as I explain what the law is about and who it targets, while dispelling rumors created by the Social Media Mob. 

30:56 – More than half the world’s population is active on Social Media. Influencers and Celebrities post their extravagant lifestyles for likes and recognition, but sometimes their content is viewed by the wrong eyes. Join us as we discuss the dangers of Social Media and how one post can possibly be your last. 

41:32 – There’s a saying that goes: “There’s no business, like show business” but when the lights go off, many Actors retreat to a desolate Mansion complete with drugs and depression while others indulge in sacred acts in hopes to advance their career. Lock in as we expose the “Hollyweird” circle of Pedophiles and Sex Offenders; and why many Child Actors suffer Mentally and Emotionally from a career that is highly coveted. 

Join us for those stories and other trending topics on The Koncrete Radio Podcast!
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